Rolec EV is a division of Rolec Services, specialising in the design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions – offering quality products at competitive prices.

From the entry level, low cost WallPod: EV Ready unit, through to the sophisticated EV ControlCentre, Rolec EV has a full range to suit every location and budget. The Rolec EV product range is designed and built to be flexible and compatible with all leading motor manufacturers’ EVs and their communication protocols, including all types and modes of charging. As the actual manufacturer of this range, Rolec EV is able to personalise our charging range to suit individual client requirements, specifications and branding.

Rolec EV’s mission statement of ‘Quality, Reliability and Innovation’ reflects the company’s ethos of providing cost-effective, high-quality and reliable products and services.

Here are some of our most popular services

Available to domestic,commercial & industrial clients.

EV Charging for your home..

Are you buying an electric vehicle and would like your own personal charging point at home we can assist you with this. Did you know the government are giving you money towards a greener future? Have you claimed your OLEV grant yet? We can assist you in every step of the way.....


EV Street side charging

We can help you with all you design, install and commissioning. Commercial grants are also available through OLEV you will be surprised how easy it is to change your fleet and go greener!

JULY 9TH 2019

Ways to make money with EV Charging

There are more and more electric vehicles on our road today. People are choosing where they shop, park their cars and hotel breaks around businesses that offers electric vehicle charging. We can help you make money from electric vehicle charging...

JULY 4TH 2019