This is WHY The Law Of Attraction Manifesting techniques are not working for you

So you've read or watched The Secret right? And maybe done some further reading and googling.  Now your doing your positive thinking, visualization etc etc BUT nothing is happening, you then feel frustrated and disappointed which you now know is not good for you so you don't know where to turn or what to do.  We've been there! But don't worry this will help you.

From experience the problem is your subconscious, its programmed a particular way, its not your fault and you can sort this now.  Im going to introduce you to clearing methods that will clear out the blocks that are stopping you living the life you deserve, we have used these methods with amazing results an still use them as part of a daily routine.

Subliminal Visualization Videos

Did you know that 80% of people can't properly visualize? That's why typical vision boards are so ineffective, they aren't REAL enough, tangible enough, dynamic enough, to trigger true emotion and break through to your subconscious mind.

These videos combine FIVE powerful technologies into a vivid and compelling visualization video that literally break down the wall of your conscious mind, to immediately affect your subconscious. Once your mind is positively programmed, you can start to manifest the life you truly desire.
Here are some free videos that you try now to see results.  Depending on your goals and what your looking to manifest.
Free Attract Money & Luxury Visualization Video
Free Subliminal MP3 6-Pack to help you with different life goals