Welcome to Attract Joy, Peace and Abundance

We are Mr & Mrs Joanne N Anthony Rich-Caine 

In June 2018 we made a decision to make a massive change, to really do the ‘inner work’ and change our lives in harmony with the universal laws.  We had already discovered The Law Of Attraction a few years ago through reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and listening to Abraham Hicks, this was how we manifested meeting each other! 

We then realised that true alignment is not about manifesting one thing, it is a complete life change!

We began a self improvement journey by reading, researching and being open to new ways of doing things.

I (Joanne) was suffering severe back pain trying to do my job as a hairdresser which I had done for 18 years and Anthony was trying to support me.

One day we were sick of the struggle! 

Enough was enough! 

Surely life can be better than this! 

As a result of this decision to change ⬇️

Our lives have transformed! 🙌

We are now in the flow of abundance giving us more money than we have ever had! And it’s ever increasing!

✅ we have travelled and are excited about our travel plans ️ 

✅ we have freedom to spend more time with friends and family 

✅ we can buy nice things that we’ve always desired 

✅ we have the freedom to work together and live a laptop lifestyle 

✅ we have paid off debts

➡️ And I quit my hairdressing job!! 

We hope by sharing what we have tried and tested that you attract the joy, peace and abundance that we have.

Meditation is so important, we meditate everyday.  If you struggle to meditate this link will help you >help with meditation< these audios will not only help you to relax they have the technology of isochronic tones which allows you to finally achieve the immense benefits of meditation without the years of frustration in practice. Whether you desire spiritual growth, physical healing, or mental clarity, science-backed brain training is the ultimate path to success.  You can sample them first and there is a money back guarantee and they are not expensive  >>MeditationAudio<<

We know that money is not everything HOWEVER it does give you freedom and options in life here is the link for what we have learnt to attract money http://bit.ly/AttractMoneyJoy

Then we have found that people get stuck on trying to figure out HOW they are going to earn the money which is not good for attracting money so here is the link to the online incomes we have discovered http://bit.ly/IncomesOnline

This is a powerful spiritual affirmation that we are excited to share with you via messenger http://bit.ly/AffirmationMessenger It will improve all areas of your life, making you feel at peace.  On messenger we can keep you up to date with the new stuff too!

Also on Messenger we have put together this 3 day guide http://bit.ly/3DayGuideMessenger, this guide will boost your MANIFESTING and POSITIVE ENERGY, we have had some amazing feedback from this http://bit.ly/3DayGuideMessenger.  On messenger we can keep you up to date with the new stuff too.